Friday, 10 June 2011

More Blood Spill Promised in Game of Thrones!

Men will collide, mysteries will unveil, and triumph flags will unfurl, as Game of Thrones comes up with another gripping episode! The medieval series will see Ned in a tight corner, as he has to make a choice while the life of his daughter, Sansa hangs in the balance!

Will Ned’s choice be able to mend things, or, will the events take a bloody turn? The answer will be out, when the installment goes on air.

Catelyn, on the other hand, is not convinced by Walder Frey’s ways. She decides to trace back her steps from a pact. While Catelyn is stepping back, Robb will be moving forward in the battle ground and wave the flag of his triumph. He will not only guide his men to a glorious win, but also imprison someone, who can turn out to be a gold mine, if it comes to a bargain.

Tyrion will see his share of good fate when he gets a girl, but his joy wouldn’t last long, as his father will ask him to battle enemies and leave for the battle ground. Jon also gets his share of accolades for displaying true grit and gumption. But things won’t end there!
Game of Thrones episode 9 will bring an unknown revelation regarding Maester Aemon.

Dany would watch Drogo fight his injury, and decides to take control of the situation. She would walk the path forbidden by Qotho and join hands with the sorceress, Mirri Maz Duur, who has been kept behind the bars. Will this new alliance serve good to achieve Dany’s goals? Or, will it land her in more trouble?

Well, only this segment can answer all these questions. So, watch out for the approaching ‘Baelor’. 

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