Monday, 6 June 2011

Mark Addy Bids Farewell to the Game of Thrones!

Game of Thrones enthusiasts must be well-versed with the details of Mark Addy’s farewell from the show. It became quite evident in the last installment when he got killed after being transfixed by a swine.

Alas! It’s surely a tragedy as the adept actor gave a new dimension to the show with his captivating acting skills.

However, King Robert Baratheon declared his exit from the show, partly via his apparent killing on the show, and partly via his interview to a reputed media channel.

Apart from giving his opinion over his departure from the show, Mark also discussed about a very good friend of his, who accompanied him on-screen for the last time during his stint on Game of Thrones.

Well, you guessed it right! He is Sean Bean, who plays the character of Lord Eddard Stark.

Mark stated that since they are good friends off-screen, their on-screen chemistry was there for all to see. Their easy-going personal relationship reflected upon their on-screen ties!

But since it was his last episode on the show, fans are quite dejected! After all, his presence lent an aura of royalty and kingly touch to the show. And now, since he is leaving, every heart is enmeshed with consternation.

I will definitely download Game of Thrones to revive his memories as and when I wish to, since I am one of his biggest fans.

For others, you can either avail the last option, or watch Game of Thrones episodes that featured King Robert Baratheon at his best.

You will surely be missed, Mark!

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