Friday, 3 June 2011

The Bloody Game of Thrones Now Tackles ‘The Pointy End’!

The saying, things get better as the time passes, doesn’t hold good in the medieval world, where royals prowl to get one’s hands on the throne of power. And if the task demands some blood to be shed, then it’s not a problem that cannot be taken care of.

After Ned goes behind the bars, the danger will be seen lurking over Syrio and Arya in the next episode. The duo will confront the sentinels of Lannister. They will not be the only ones getting caught up in a tricky situation. Jon, who is ready to turn the tables on Ser Aliser Throne, will have to face an assassin, who wishes to take his life.

While all this happens, Cersei will try to puppet Sansa. She will plant a seed in the mind of Sansa which will leave her with a thought. Catch Game of Thrones episode 8 to see what fate the seed planted by Cersei suffers.

Robb will be seen buckling up to wage a war. While Robb is heading to the south, Tyrion will find a way to get together with his keepers after making a deal with hill people.

Dany’s game to gain control of Westeros takes a bloody turn when Dothraki rains havoc on a community, which has nothing to do with the matter. She realizes that if she wants Westeros, she has to watch Drogo’s destruction.

All in all, the upcoming episode is jam-packed with twists and jerks. So, do remember to buckle up!

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