Friday, 17 June 2011

Game of Thrones Nearing Stranger Tides!

The seven kingdoms of Game of Thrones will witness events that will alter the destiny of many in the upcoming episode. 
While deceit and hunger for power will refuse to leave the show, new elements will join in the adventurous ride.

Love can sometimes demand the unexpected. And this time, it would demand it all from Dany. She would have to part with something dear as the cost of holding her love so close to herself. But this will not be all for Dany, and there will be light at the end of the tunnel.
Moreover, a wave of fear will sweep over the Seven Kingdoms, after an unexpected revelation. But Bran and Rickon will be eyeing the good times, anticipating a brighter future. They will be quite optimistic about the coming times, and will confide in each other.

Catelyn has her doubts regarding the failure of her son, and she would be looking for some answers from Jaime.

She will question Jaime, to gain an understanding of the whole situation, but would he reveal the matters to her? Catch Game of Thrones episode 10 to see what happens when Catelyn corners Jaime.

Tyrion would fail in his attempt to persuade his father, and would be seen travelling distance to join the men on battleground.

While all this unfolds, Arya would be busy in her own plans. Her operation escape from King’s Landing would present her in a new light. While Arya meets her fate, Sansa would be having a tough time, being the object of Joffrey’s attention and cruelty at the same time!

Jon, who has religiously followed all the orders, would have a decision to make. He would be asked to make a pick from the ones he loves and Night’s Watch.

All this will lead the ship of Game of Thrones to stranger tides.
So buckle up, get on board, and be ready!

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