Friday, 17 June 2011

Game of Thrones Nearing Stranger Tides!

The seven kingdoms of Game of Thrones will witness events that will alter the destiny of many in the upcoming episode. 
While deceit and hunger for power will refuse to leave the show, new elements will join in the adventurous ride.

Love can sometimes demand the unexpected. And this time, it would demand it all from Dany. She would have to part with something dear as the cost of holding her love so close to herself. But this will not be all for Dany, and there will be light at the end of the tunnel.
Moreover, a wave of fear will sweep over the Seven Kingdoms, after an unexpected revelation. But Bran and Rickon will be eyeing the good times, anticipating a brighter future. They will be quite optimistic about the coming times, and will confide in each other.

Catelyn has her doubts regarding the failure of her son, and she would be looking for some answers from Jaime.

She will question Jaime, to gain an understanding of the whole situation, but would he reveal the matters to her? Catch Game of Thrones episode 10 to see what happens when Catelyn corners Jaime.

Tyrion would fail in his attempt to persuade his father, and would be seen travelling distance to join the men on battleground.

While all this unfolds, Arya would be busy in her own plans. Her operation escape from King’s Landing would present her in a new light. While Arya meets her fate, Sansa would be having a tough time, being the object of Joffrey’s attention and cruelty at the same time!

Jon, who has religiously followed all the orders, would have a decision to make. He would be asked to make a pick from the ones he loves and Night’s Watch.

All this will lead the ship of Game of Thrones to stranger tides.
So buckle up, get on board, and be ready!

Friday, 10 June 2011

More Blood Spill Promised in Game of Thrones!

Men will collide, mysteries will unveil, and triumph flags will unfurl, as Game of Thrones comes up with another gripping episode! The medieval series will see Ned in a tight corner, as he has to make a choice while the life of his daughter, Sansa hangs in the balance!

Will Ned’s choice be able to mend things, or, will the events take a bloody turn? The answer will be out, when the installment goes on air.

Catelyn, on the other hand, is not convinced by Walder Frey’s ways. She decides to trace back her steps from a pact. While Catelyn is stepping back, Robb will be moving forward in the battle ground and wave the flag of his triumph. He will not only guide his men to a glorious win, but also imprison someone, who can turn out to be a gold mine, if it comes to a bargain.

Tyrion will see his share of good fate when he gets a girl, but his joy wouldn’t last long, as his father will ask him to battle enemies and leave for the battle ground. Jon also gets his share of accolades for displaying true grit and gumption. But things won’t end there!
Game of Thrones episode 9 will bring an unknown revelation regarding Maester Aemon.

Dany would watch Drogo fight his injury, and decides to take control of the situation. She would walk the path forbidden by Qotho and join hands with the sorceress, Mirri Maz Duur, who has been kept behind the bars. Will this new alliance serve good to achieve Dany’s goals? Or, will it land her in more trouble?

Well, only this segment can answer all these questions. So, watch out for the approaching ‘Baelor’. 

Monday, 6 June 2011

Mark Addy Bids Farewell to the Game of Thrones!

Game of Thrones enthusiasts must be well-versed with the details of Mark Addy’s farewell from the show. It became quite evident in the last installment when he got killed after being transfixed by a swine.

Alas! It’s surely a tragedy as the adept actor gave a new dimension to the show with his captivating acting skills.

However, King Robert Baratheon declared his exit from the show, partly via his apparent killing on the show, and partly via his interview to a reputed media channel.

Apart from giving his opinion over his departure from the show, Mark also discussed about a very good friend of his, who accompanied him on-screen for the last time during his stint on Game of Thrones.

Well, you guessed it right! He is Sean Bean, who plays the character of Lord Eddard Stark.

Mark stated that since they are good friends off-screen, their on-screen chemistry was there for all to see. Their easy-going personal relationship reflected upon their on-screen ties!

But since it was his last episode on the show, fans are quite dejected! After all, his presence lent an aura of royalty and kingly touch to the show. And now, since he is leaving, every heart is enmeshed with consternation.

I will definitely download Game of Thrones to revive his memories as and when I wish to, since I am one of his biggest fans.

For others, you can either avail the last option, or watch Game of Thrones episodes that featured King Robert Baratheon at his best.

You will surely be missed, Mark!

Friday, 3 June 2011

The Bloody Game of Thrones Now Tackles ‘The Pointy End’!

The saying, things get better as the time passes, doesn’t hold good in the medieval world, where royals prowl to get one’s hands on the throne of power. And if the task demands some blood to be shed, then it’s not a problem that cannot be taken care of.

After Ned goes behind the bars, the danger will be seen lurking over Syrio and Arya in the next episode. The duo will confront the sentinels of Lannister. They will not be the only ones getting caught up in a tricky situation. Jon, who is ready to turn the tables on Ser Aliser Throne, will have to face an assassin, who wishes to take his life.

While all this happens, Cersei will try to puppet Sansa. She will plant a seed in the mind of Sansa which will leave her with a thought. Catch Game of Thrones episode 8 to see what fate the seed planted by Cersei suffers.

Robb will be seen buckling up to wage a war. While Robb is heading to the south, Tyrion will find a way to get together with his keepers after making a deal with hill people.

Dany’s game to gain control of Westeros takes a bloody turn when Dothraki rains havoc on a community, which has nothing to do with the matter. She realizes that if she wants Westeros, she has to watch Drogo’s destruction.

All in all, the upcoming episode is jam-packed with twists and jerks. So, do remember to buckle up!